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I've been doing many water sports for more than 30 years such as being a professional Stand up paddle boarder , water photographer & of course surfing i loved it so much i choose to do it as a business so i now own a professional Surf Camp / B&B here in Chiba Japan. Seeing our customers faces the first time they stand up Never gets old. "Surfing is a lifestyle not a Sport, Keep the Stoke" !

What we’ll do :

Most of tourists would visit to only famous spots in Osaka.Unfortunately,they wouldn't visit to other place even though there are nice places in Osaka.I will show you deep or unique local places.We will stop over at a fish markrt Then we will have a lunch at the fish market.I will take you my favorite restaurant in the market.We will go to a foot spa end of the cycling.You can refresh your foots

What I’ll provide :

Where we’ll be :

We will start from a longest shopping street in Japan...Osaka castle is a one of famous tourist spot..we will stop over at fish market.There are many fresh fishes,fruits and nice small restaurants in the fish market.Osaka riverside is a oasis for Osaka people and the foot spa is my secret spot!

Notes :

・In Japan, we don’t need to wear a helmet when we’re on a, i won’t provide you a helmet. ・Not include meal ・Please wear comfortable clothes on the day. ・don't forget your camera!!!


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