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I've been doing many water sports for more than 30 years such as being a professional Stand up paddle boarder , water photographer & of course surfing i loved it so much i choose to do it as a business so i now own a professional Surf Camp / B&B here in Chiba Japan. Seeing our customers faces the first time they stand up Never gets old. "Surfing is a lifestyle not a Sport, Keep the Stoke" !

What we’ll do :

Enjoy a wonderful day out in beautiful Chiba at Splash Guest House based right on the beach & learn how to surf. First, i'll get you in the right gear (Wetsuits) then we'll go down to the beach & do ocean safety as well as a warm up followed by a land lesson going over basic surfing techniques with our instructors. Once the group is ready, we'll head out to the waves and practice our new skills & try to get you standing up & riding by the end of the lesson (Approx 2 hours & remember to smile at the camera for great pictures). After your enjoy some free time to have lunch at one of the many local restaurants or just relax / play on the beach or take a stroll around the local coastline taking in beautiful sights such as fishing ports and high cliff top views. All abilities welcome.

What I’ll provide :

Where we’ll be :

After arriving at Katsuura we will head to Hebara Beach (The home of Splash Guest House) Depending on the current ocean and weather conditions, we'll choose a spot best suited for the experience level of the group out of Malibu, Moriya, Onjuku, Ubara, Okitsu.

Notes :

The bus leaves Tokyo Station at 7:45 & arrives in Katsuura at 9:36 - ¥1,800-return time Dep-16:12 Arr-18:04 Please bring Sunscreen Beach Towel Bottle water Money for lunch advise 1,000yen per person


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