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About your host, Tess & Guido Both with numerous years of yoga experience behind them, Chicagoan Tess and Florentine Guido opened a gorgeous yoga studio in a transformed church adorned by frescoes and antique books in Florence

What we’ll do :

We will have a yoga lesson together, surrounded by antique books and frescoes, at our school in the San Lorenzo neighborhood. After class we will mosey through the neighborhood and make our way to a traditional tuscan market. We will take a stroll in the market and have a juice.

What I’ll provide :

Where we’ll be :

Our school is located in the heart of the historical city center of Florence, in the Biblioteca di San Giovannino, a beautiful antique church and library. We will take a tour of the San Lorenzo market, the biggest and most historical market in Florence.

Notes :

Bring comfortable clothes for class!


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