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About your host, Cristina I come from a long line of Fishermen and I’m proud of it! That’s why I founded ‘Capamar’ to champion the hard work of fisherman and their importance to Barcelona’s ecosystem as a maritime city.

What we’ll do :

Let's play 7 a side football with locals and other travellers in the city on a unique football pitches just next to beach on artificial grass. We'll play for 1 hour and we'll share some beers in the "third time". It is a great way getting to know local people from Barcelona and travellers while playing our favourite sport!

What I’ll provide :

Where we’ll be :

We'll meet at our Japanese culture house at Hibarigaoka station(ひばりヶ丘駅). ※It takes 15min from JR Ikebukuro station(Center) by Seibu Ikebukuro line. ※Careful! not Hikarigaoka. And it takes 8min to our Japanese culture house on foot. Let's enjoy Music and Tea with the traditional Kimono!!

Notes :

About your host, Yuka I've been studying Japanese music for 30years.I had a teacher license & got a prize.Through my world trip,I noticed how JPN culture is beautiful & unique!So I want to share this feeling with guests!!


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