Tomb Raider Relics Of God

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TOMB RAIDER - RELICS OF GOD On the way to a temple on Fuji mountain, Lara discovered an evil plan to resurrect the Eight Head Snake, the evil snake that has been sealed by Susanoo god. A group of magicians plan to use the snake to open the gate of hell. The only way to save the world from destruction is to collect the 3 relics that belong to the old god: Kusanagi Sword, Yata Mirror and Yasakani Gem and use their power to activate the seal again once and for all.

What we’ll do :

Escape Room is a real life interactive game where your team will be trapped inside rooms and must find a way out within 60 minutes by finding clues, hidden pathway and solving creative challenges. All the games from We Escape always about adventure and full of action. From trying to escape from prison, running with time to defuse bomb or escaping from Pharaoh Tomb, it will be the most unforgettable 60 minutes of your life.

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WHAT IS WE ESCAPE? We Escape is a real life gaming experience using 5D interactive technology. While a 3D experience only limited to the cinema screen, with 5D, customer can experience using all 5 senses.

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UNITE PEOPLE, INCREASE TEAMWORK The team spirit doesn't just born from air, it needs to be nurtured in a special designed environment. We Escape is a real-life game uniquely focuses on building bonding between members. Each challenge is required the whole team from 2 to 8 people to think, solve and act together

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EXPERIENCE THE UNREAL HIGH TECH ROOM At We Escape, our experts designed the games room following a proper video game design standard. Thus, you will have chance to experience not only the puzzles, but the intriguing story, the high tech devices in a realistic environment. This will be the most realistic live role-playing-games you ever experienced.


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