About US

Open letter

Dear partners and friends!

Our Saigonyo is a project aimed at connecting talent, sharing the community. In order to shorten the gap between talented people and talented people, we are always ready to share the most realistic and objective experiences with our friends who love the talent.

With the desire to become a reliable partner in the community, we are committed to constantly striving and striving to understand the potential of everyday life, to develop more talents. half.

Saigonyo Team !

Core values


Man is invaluable to us. We conceive that in order to develop a community we must first develop the capacity and morality of the individual;


 Knowledge lies in an immense treasure, to open the door to success, each person needs to cultivate a lot of knowledge. And to have that knowledge we need to "give away more to get back". That is also the sharing between people with people, community with the community.


Faith created prestige, Saigonyo always take the precious belief of the community as motivation to constantly try to have useful sharing for the community.


Challenging is the opportunity to rise. Always look at every multi-dimensional problems, every corner, always try to learn new things, not afraid of hard time to conquer the test visitors.

Project Culture

Work - play

Saigonyo enthusiastically - play hard

Fair - transparent

Saigonyo always respects justice and transparency

Creative - sharing

Saigonyo created a new, shared with the community

Discover - experience

Saigonyo discovered that to experience


All information Saigonyo shared with the community are true

Dedication - effort

Dedicated to work. Effort to build credibility