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On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the 88DNA Music Academy and 88DNA Academy, we are proud to bring you a colorful and emotional music party with the participation of DJ / producer. The world famous Trance genre is Dennis Sheperd - from Schulz Music Group (led by tycoon Markus Schulz). Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance 600 Sofia was once played at major events in the world. Speaking to Dennis Sheperd, those who love Trance are not unfamiliar to him with the music that has a lot of emotional depth, alternating the climax and explosion that leads the listener through a wonderful journey through the works. And some of the collaborations with world famous artists such as Tiestom Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Talla 2XLC, Gareth Emery, Solarstone ...

What we’ll do :

Are you passionate about music? Do you consider DJing to be true art? Do you believe that with this art you can achieve a successful career? Want to become a professional DJ, mastering DJing techniques? You will be directed directly by DJ Hoang Anh - Vietnam No.1 by Tiesto. Pioneer Digital DJ Battle Competition 2010/2012/2014, Nexttop DJ 2013, The Remix 2015. Composer of the Vietnam Musicians Association. DJ LBass - Turntablist leading Vietnam. Pioneer DJ & Me Competition Judge 2013, Pioneer Digital DJ Battle 2014 Every month you will exchange, learn, meet the famous DJ in the country. 88DNA Academy is committed to training devoted, dedicated until you are confident to step up the stage, if after 2 months you still weak, you will be further refresher skills. Outside of the main class you can register for free. If you complete the course well, 88DNA will create employment opportunities in the bar, club, pub ..

What we’ll provide :

Basic curriculum Equipment & Set-Up Introduction of functions on DJ equipment Introduction of Pioneer CDJ and Turntable Technics 1210s Fade Mixing: Basic mixing using volume faders Cueing / Cue Point Set on Pioneer CDJ Counting beats and bars, drop mixing Beat-Matching Capture speed with Pioneer mixer Take a look at the structure of a dance track (beats, bars, phrasing) Beat matching different tracks Mix beats Beat-Matching / Creative Mixing Use EQ Distinguishing dance genres Cross fader technique - use cross fader to cut beats / vocals Understand the structure of a mix How to synchronize tracks using BPM counter Advanced curriculum Recording Demo Mix Connect devices How to record the mix effectively Practice recording your demo mix Recording / editing skills Create a CD for your mix. Harmonic Mixing / Digital DJ Skills Understand the audio / audio quality Use Pioneer Rekordbox to prepare music Export music from CD to iTunes without sacrificing sound quality Analyzes the chords of the tracks to make the mixset Back to back mixing with other DJs. Loops & Hot Cues Create / Adjust Loops with Pioneer's CDJs Beat Matching with quantized loops Tips to create hot cue points on popular CDJ devices Use loops to create build up effects to stir up the crowd. Effects / Samples Create a Delay effect with 2 identical tracks Use Delay and Echo to enhance the appeal of your mix Use the Roll and Filter effects Use effects to transform music. Create your own sample sound for mixset / podcast Acapella Mixing / Digital Tricks Use Acapellas to create live remixes Create digital scratching as professional DJs (James Zabiela, Laidback Luke) Use insert effects on the Pioneer DJM 900 and DJM 2000 mixers Use sound effects on the RMX 1000 Producing a Mix / Podcast Perform DJ set on the latest Pioneer device Recording mix Learn basic post production / editing techniques Edit the audio details in the mixset Get comments and experiences from professional DJs Upload mixes to social music networks Promotion How to promote yourself Create a personal profile Branding DJ / DJ Logo Creation

Where we’ll be :

Full and modern facilities. DJ Hoang Anh & LBass teach directly Create good conditions for graduates to practice in the bar club. The academy consists of two modern studios and four professional djing practice rooms.Location of Nguyen Kiem Street, Ward 4, Phu Nhuan District Ho Chi Minh City

Notes :

Tuition is a professional DJ course. Regularly scheduled. Hours: 08h - 10h, 10h - 12h, 12h - 2h, 2h - 4h, 4h - 6h. School day: Monday - Friday. Only finish the course when you have full knowledge. There are also other courses such as: + Producer Course (Music Production) 25,000,000 ₫ + Turntablelism Course: (Scratching with Turntable) 25 million ₫


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